About us

Welcome to La Rosist Rose, where the enchantment of Dubai blooms in every petal! Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, our flower shop is more than just a place to buy flowers; it's a sanctuary where beauty and nature converge to create art.

Founded in the sun-drenched landscapes of Dubai, La Rosist Rose celebrates the rich tapestry of local and exotic flora. Our passion for flowers goes beyond mere arrangements; we aim to weave a story in each bouquet, one that conveys your emotions and captures the essence of your special moments.

Our founder,embarked on this floral journey with a vision to bring unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship to Dubai’s floral scene. Inspired by the diverse cultures of the UAE, she ensures that every arrangement from LaRosist Rose reflects a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

At La Rosist Rose, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality blooms from around the world. Whether it’s the delicate scent of local jasmine or the bold hues of imported roses, each flower is selected with care and handled with love. Our team of expert florists, trained in both traditional and contemporary floral designs, is dedicated to bringing your floral fantasies to life.

We offer a wide range of services including bespoke bouquets, event floral decor, and weekly flower subscriptions for homes and businesses. Understanding the pulse of Dubai's fast-paced lifestyle, we also provide express delivery across the city to ensure your flowers arrive fresh and on time.

But LaRosist Rose isn’t just about flowers. It’s about creating a connection, enriching lives, and spreading joy. Each bloom in our shop holds the promise of a smile, a touch of comfort, and a burst of joy. Whether you are celebrating love, expressing sympathy, or just brightening someone’s day, we are here to help you make it memorable.

Visit us today and step into a world where flowers tell stories and hearts speak without words. At LaRosist Rose, every day is an opportunity to celebrate life with flowers.